About me

Glenys Flint Artist

Growing up on a Welsh farm Glenys Flint loved the beautiful countryside, animals and wildlife. From an early age she enjoyed all activities involving arts and crafts. When faced with the crucial decision of what direction to take as a career there was no question that it had to involve art. Rather than embarking on further education to become an artist her father recommended she study Fashion and Design, he said “At least you’ll be able to sew when you get married.” After attending Art College she embarked on a successful career spanning over three decades as a ladies fashion designer based in London, specialising in knitwear. This experience has allowed her to develop an understanding of balance, composition and colour that shines through in her artwork.

Having retired from the hectic world of fashion designing, she now lives on the beautiful, sub-tropical Portuguese island of Madeira and has succeeded in her lifelong dream to be an artist. 

“Madeira is often referred to as a “floating garden” the flora and fauna are abundant, as is the dramatic coastline and I am surrounded by inspirational topics to paint.”

“Initially I painted in acrylic and then progressed to oil paints as I’ve found that this medium gives me the flexibility to achieve the details I aim for in a photorealistic style. I paint the majority of my paintings on oversized canvases as I love the dramatic effect of macro sizing the subject.“

“I paint from my garden studio, overlooking the crimson bougainvillea arch through to the shimmering blue ocean beyond, always accompanied by Louie (now know as Prince Louie) my beautiful Miniature Schnauzer dog. I listen to my favourite inspirational music……loving U2 and the Rolling Stones for energetic mornings and Melody Gardot and Enya for the wind down in the evening.“

Her artworks started with a series of black and white portraits inspired by her career in fashion, but have now moved on to include florals inspired by her current surroundings.